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A Few Keys To Being Joyful-Happy.

Many of us find it hard to be truly happy, or we look towards monetary earthly things to bring about our happiness. But how long does that feeling actually last? I found that in order for me to be genuinely happy, I had to first learn how, to be honest, and open with myself. Then it was, realizing that I can’t change others nor can I compare myself to others. And finally realizing that God created me for a purpose, and in order to live out that purpose I had to be within His will.

Don’t get me wrong, doing these things are far from being easy. They are simple in concept but when you are dealing with your spiritual flesh things can become complicated and difficult. The key to getting through all of this is to, build your relationship with God. He will be the one to help you get through this journey. This journey, your journey cannot be lived out by other individuals. Growing up people just assumed that I was a believer because my parents raised me this way. While part of that reasoning is true, it’s not fully correct. I am a believer because I chose to be, I accepted the Lord as my savior. So overall you have to for your own sake, develop your own personal relationship. And that can be done through fasting, praying, studying, and trying your best to live a life according to how the Lord wants us to.

Another key I have learned to accept, is not caring about what others think. Now this can get you into trouble if taken in the wrong context, so just hear me out.  We are in a society where everyone’s opinion of us matters so much so it causes people to form unhealthy habits like; lying, manipulating, controlling, shaming, degrading, and abusing others just to get ahead, and or to get on the good side of someone they want to be like and or be associated with. This is the bad side of not caring about what others think of you. On the other hand, my definition has to do with not allowing what others may think or feel about you, keep you from being your authentic self (unless you have anger and violent antisocial behaviors and tendencies, you may need to seek some form of counsel.) I always say, “be yourself in truth,” this means to always be yourself and stand up for what true and morally right, even if that means walking alone sometimes, and even then remember you are not alone God is always there.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to do the things you want to do. If you want to learn how to swim, learn how to swim; if you want to start a blog, start one, if you want to learn or do anything that you consider to be fun and productive for you, do it. So my last bit of advice here is, you have to at all times make decisions and do things for yourself that will make you happy, even if it isn’t what others think THEY want for you. You have to live your life for yourself no one else. And hey! by being the person that God created you to be, you’ll somehow touch the lives of others and encourage them to do the same. All things are joyfully perfect when you live within the will of God.

Stay encouraged, Stay blessed!

-The Smiling Peach 🙂

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