Getting to Know Me, The smiling Peach!

As an avid reader of others blogs and websites, I tend to want to know more about the writer. Especially, after reading and being drawn to the content that they were writing about. And surprisingly enough, I find it hard sometimes. Like, we all are accustomed to those mundane about the author sections, (I know,  I know, I have one of those myself,) but I want to know stuff like, what are your likes and dislikes; What are your favorite foods; can you whistle….stuff like that.  So, I had a friend of mine come up with seven questions, that will hopefully allow you to know me a little better.


1.) Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Grey, Black, Pink, Yellow, Coral…What colors or colors would you say represent your personality?

” I would say that Purples, Blues, and Greens represent my personality because I have a calm relaxed energy about myself. I am easy to get along with and I’m quiet most of the time. But I can also say that Orange, Pink, Yellow, and Coral represent me because I am fun to be around as well. Although at first glance, I may seem like quiet introverted type (which I totally am,) I’m very much extroverted when I’m comfortable with the people or environment I am in…….But you know what? When I think about it, White, Grey, and Black are representative colors as well because I am a very serious and literal person too.” 

2.) Piano or Flute?…Which one do you prefer to play more?

“Ugh! This question is like asking a mother which child she likes more. Being that the piano and the flute were the very first instruments I had ever played its hard for me to choose. I have been playing the piano six or seven years longer than the flute. So by that deduction, one could say I like the piano better….I have noticed that during the spring time I lay the flute way more.”

3.) Apples or Oranges?

“Oranges, I will only eat apples that have been cooked.”

4) Most favorite country you have ever visited? 

“Canada, I really enjoy how hospitable people are whenever I visit.”

5) Why is the name of your website The Smiling Peach?

“It has a lot to do with my nickname.”

6.) What religious background do you come from?

“I was born into a Christian household. I personally have accepted the Christian faith, and developing a relationship with God, my Father, my Creator is very important to me and I am on a quest to fulfill his will in my life.”

7.) What is your ultimate life goal?

” I would like to help people live the most encouraging, compassionate, proactive, and healthy life they possibly can”


So there we have it, seven interesting facts about me The Smiling Peach!

See you later!


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