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Featured Content: New Years Resolution For 2018: What do I want for the New Year?

The New Year has arrived, and as always many of us tend to make resolutions for the year. So, What are my resolutions you ask? But wait, you already know don’t you?… I want to get fit?….I want to travel more?…. I want to get a new dog? No, well one of them may fit into what I want for the new year…Drum roll, please…

I really want better health. Bam, you guessed it, just like many other people, I want to have better health in this new year. While most people who make this resolution tend to focus on physical health (diet, and fitness,) I want to focus my health resolution on a wholesome overall approach this year. Now with that being said, I do want to lose about sixty more pounds to get to a healthy weight.

Outside of physical health, I want to get my mental and spiritual health back on track. What many people do not know about me, is that I suffer from anxiety that sometimes causes me to go into deep bouts of depression that can last anywhere from a couple of days to weeks or even months at times. I am blessed and so grateful to have a wonderful support system at home, being comprised of my mom, dad, and younger brother, my mother especially. Since my brother and I were very young, she made it a point to talk to us all the time. Most of our free time was spent either sitting at the kitchen table, or sitting in the living room talking about we felt or what we were going through, and her either giving advice or encouraging words. Even if we did not really feel like talking about anything, and felt too embarrassed to talk about something, my parents never forced us to talk (unless it was about something sever,) unless we were ready to. Their parental senses would kick in and they would go into prayer for us.  Eventually, we, would build up the courage and talk to them about it. Another thing I am grateful for is having a few really great friends to talk to. Shout out to you all! You know who you are. You all are apart of my MVP team, I love you all!!…

…Anywho, I am at a point in my life where I am tired of being tired; I’m tired of my anxiety (which can translate into fear, procrastination, and doubt,) controlling so many aspects of my life. It’s time to take David’s lead and make Goliath fall! All the giants must fall this year! So, financial giants, mental and spiritual giants, physical health giants, any and all giants standing in the way of being the person I was created to be, and are hindering me from my blessings in the previous and this year must fall!

Hey, you know what?! I’m going to ask you challenge you, yes you, the one reading this right now, to take on this resolution with me this year. Allow God to work in your life this year. Strengthing you spiritually and building your faith in Him. God loves you, He sent His own Son, Jesus Christ to be the ultimate sacrifice so that you can be free. This year, do not allow the giants, who are no bigger than the size of an ant in the eyes of our Lord, get in your way this year. I pray that you stay encouraged in the Lord this year.


And remember, to smile loves!

-The Smiling Peach 🙂

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