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Featured Content: To Be Honest! Part 2: Where I Stand Currently?

If you haven’t read part 1 please head over to check it out here.

So, Where do I stand currently?

I fully understand that I am an important person just like everyone else and that I have value. I have realized why I have been blessed with the talents and gifts I have. And knowing that, I have been tasked to bring about value into the world, and so are you. So I have decided to live the life that is within the will of my Father. I know that this will not be easy and it might hurt at times. But I’ll take it in stride and will view them as growing pains, which are necessary for the betterment of my life. I hope that my life resolution will encourage you to live your best life within the will of the Lord our God.

Continue to smile loves!! 🙂

– The Smiling Peach.

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