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You Are Not Perfect,and Its Okay.

I find that in today’s society we are pressured to be these perfect beings. And there are some that fall victim to that world. But I’m here to remind you that, no one is perfect, not even you… Hey, hey now, that’s not a positive message. Why are you being so negative…? I’m not, I’m being realistic. We stress ourselves out too much because we strive so hard for man’s definition of perfection. And even when one may think they have met that standard, more requirements are added to the never-ending job qualifications section on that application. It’s a never-ending cycle. This way of life has us looking in weird places for gratification and approval. It could be how many likes you get on a photo, comment, or however many shares of a post, or views on a video……..But wait, aren’t you doing the same thing here by writing this post. Don’t you want to have views and lots of likes? While it would be nice for me to get views and likes, I don’t make that a defining factor as to who I am or what my worth is to society.  Be yourself on your own terms, yes there will be things that you may share in common with another person, but you are uniquely you. No one else was created to be exactly like you. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. Don’t forget that


Stay Blessed

-The Smiling Peach 🙂

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