The Disclaimer is there for a reason! (Rant)

In this day in age, the fitness and health community is growing rapidly. More and more people are trying to be more proactive about their health; well it seems like it is a big part of the narrative when casually starting a conversation with someone now, at least. A lot of the conversations I have with people, both close acquaintances and strangers alike, tend to steer toward the health and fitness genre. Instead of asking, “So, how about this weather, huh?” the question is, “Hey, did you read that article about the new (insert fad diet here),?” or “Did you see that video that one vlogger made about (insert fad superfood here)?” Now, I know what you may be thinking; “Ugh, its another one of those, type of post,” and you know what? Your right! It’s one of “those” post. I appreciate that health and fitness are gaining a larger narrative in our community spaces, especially thanks to social media. Content creators are able to make informative works that draw the attention of many different people. But the one thing that bothers me, is that there are so many people that take all the information that is put out for consumption, as pure gold. 

How many people are familiar with seeing disclaimers like this, ” Disclaimer: The information provided here is not intended to replace the professional opinion or treatment of your medical doctor.” And or, “Please consult your physician before starting any new treatments, exercises, diets, therapies?”….You will see these disclaimers or ones similar to these throughout my site, especially when I talk about anything concerning, diet, exercise, treatments, or therapies…..But anywho, those disclaimers are not there to hinder you, but to help you become more proactive about this new found information. It’s to encourage you to reach out to your doctor and ask questions. To take your health into your own hands, and that’s where having a great team behind you come in handy. 

I am blessed that I have a great team of doctors that I can consult whenever I have a question. This past year, I experienced the worst medical crisis I have ever experienced in my life. I like to say I have the best primary care physician in the world. He loves to answer any questions I have, and a lot of the time we talk about different things that I have read, or researched about while studying. Whenever I find something that I may want to incorporate into my diet or my medical lifestyle, I consult my doctor first. If I plan on fasting, I always make sure to let my doctor know. Now, I know, I know, that seems like a bit much. But I have vitamin deficiencies, food allergies, genetic conditions, and intestinal issues (I’m still recovering from that major health event.) So a simple fast is not so simple for me. 

Everyone is different, so one thing that works for Mary, will not work for John, and vice versa. Your doctor has your medical history. They know pretty much what your body, is lacking and what it needs. Your doctors are more inclined to know what may be beneficial for you and what wouldn’t work on your behalf. But that doesn’t mean to say that they have all the answers in the book. Working with your doctor as a team can turn a new diet into what your body needed, in order to finally start losing weight, or to managing your blood sugar, etc…. So please, in 2018 let’s start taking the disclaimer’s advice. 


Don’t forget to smile loves 🙂 

-The Smiling Peach signing off