My Favorite Rainy Day Soup

On a rainy day, you want something that will warm you up on the inside and make you feel cozy. Sometimes you may go for heavier soups to give you that feeling, soups like chili, or chicken noodle. While in their own right, they are amazing to have on a cold rainy day, but lately, it has been hard for me to tolerate those type of soups. I like this one because it is healthy and not too heavy on the stomach, I make this soup when I am feeling sick a lot too. It is what I like to call, a nurturing soup.  

*****Cooking tip*****

Whenever I make soups I make sure to use distilled water. Why? you might ask. I do so because I do not want anything to interfere with the nutritive powers of the ingredients that I am putting into my soups. Especially if I am making them for someone that is ill. 


One large leek stalk
One white onion
2 in piece ginger root
Medium size Napa cabbage
2 medium turnip bottoms 
16oz bamboo shoots
3 cloves minced garlic 
1 tbsp turmeric powder
1tsp white pepper. 
1 gallon distilled water
1 cup veggie or chicken stock 
2 tbs veggie oil
Large stock pot with lid. 
Kosher salt to taste. 

**you can add chicken or tofu for added protein**

Julienne leeks and set aside in a large bowl. Fill with water. Agitate to help with elucidating sand from product let sit for 20 mins then drain and rinse clean again. Drain and then set aside. Julianne onions sry aside. Cut up cabbage into bite size pieces after you rinse clean the leaves, set aside. With a potato peeler remove the skin from the turnip bottoms, then dice into 1/2 inch thick pieces. Remove the skin of the ginger then mince or grate the ginger set aside
Over medium heat place pot then add oil. Allow heating for a min. Then add ginger garlic and onions stir fry for one minute. Then add turnip bottoms and bamboo shoots cook for 2 minutes then add leeks and cabbage. Stir fry together for 2 minutes add stock, turmeric and white pepper, let it cook for 3 minutes then add distilled water. Season with salt to taste. Cook for an hour or until turnip is tender. Dish up and enjoy!