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To Be Honest! Part 1

*White chrysanthemums symbolize truth and loyalty* One thing I noticed after failing to make progress in my inner development, was that I was not honest with myself. I really fooled myself into believing that I was over things and that I did not feel a certain way about some things when I really did. I know, I… Continue reading To Be Honest! Part 1

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Featured Content: Keys to Marking Off Your Checklist.

Okay if you are like me, you can find finishing tasks to be a task in its self. We are only human and life throws things at us that takes us off the tracks sometimes, but how many of those railcars have you re-boarded, or did you just pass up the ride all together and decided… Continue reading Featured Content: Keys to Marking Off Your Checklist.

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A Few Keys To Being Joyful-Happy.

Many of us find it hard to be truly happy, or we look towards monetary earthly things to bring about our happiness. But how long does that feeling actually last? I found that in order for me to be genuinely happy, I had to first learn how, to be honest, and open with myself. Then it… Continue reading A Few Keys To Being Joyful-Happy.